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Quaresma beats Guti on the eve of the match with CSKA 

Quaresma beats Guti on the eve of the match with CSKA


On the day of the match Besiktas - CSKA reportage check found that the official fan-shop on "Black Eagles" T-shirts with the name of Quaresma to spend much more than would those of the biggest stars in the summer selection of the team Guti.
Sellers themselves unable to give a logical explanation of this fact, but confirmed that Mourinho is spent with several thousand units of the player until recently Real Madrid.
Despite the stellar selection, however, both at once are not yet completely won the hearts of fans of "black white" in Istanbul.
Many before them in the rankings remain the two Brazilians Bobo and Nobre. Second, even now has Turkish nationality and is expected to soon be drafted into the national selection of Turkey.

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