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Elite athletes of the kart in Plovdiv 

Elite athletes of the kart in Plovdiv


Whole constellation athletes will gather for a kart track Lauta intiguvasht sparring with mini car for the eighth birthday of the facility Sept. 22. Dancho Yovchev and part of the national gymnastics team, players from Botev Plovdiv, Maritza volleyball talent and Victoria vouchers referees from group A are just some of the participants. Worldly splendor in the race will bring Angelina Angelova from Big Brother 4 and former goalkeeper Botev Plovdiv Slavcho Toshev. In the struggle for the cherished first be placed and representatives of the fourth power, which will demonstrate skills on an equal footing s 200cc carts 870-meter track to track. Special guest at the birthday party will be in Plovdiv pilot series GP2 and Formula 1 ambitions Vladimir Arabadzhiev.
Spectacular demonstration with a professional track carts and motorcycles will launch the festival at 15:00, and all present will participate in a lottery with prizes provided by Mr.Bricolage, Maze, Kamenica, and Bowling Center Refan Excalibur.

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