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PHOTOS: Female dog lead and halibut in Bulgaria 

PHOTOS: Female dog lead and halibut in Bulgaria


Basketball star Kaspars Bell showed a perfect family image, arriving in Bulgaria. The center will play in the new season champion Lukoil Akademik, who signed a one-year contract.
The former bad boy of European basketball flashed a smile even when he appeared at the Sofia Airport, and demonstrates very friendly attitude towards the strong media interest in his personality.
Halibut brought with him his wife Tiffany, and brought her sweet hand to Terminal 2 to bus them waiting. Make yourself comfortable now, they showed cameras and cameras and third companion - small white bulonka bearing the name of a topic related to Bulgaria - Sofia. Pushing aside his Sofia and Tiffany, Kaspars posed again to the lens before you take the road to Pravets and his new team.

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