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Stormy summer of the Russian rocket

- What are you doing this summer? - I went on holiday in Sochi and in Italy. And help the Minister Ivanov. But it was more cognitively trip, I wanted to see the complex there is ministerial work. (Smiles). It is also involved with fitness. Ice can not think, because my right knee is out of business, although so far its done four operations. - Ivanov will take you to the adviser for youth? - Another no warrant of appointment, so I'll shut up. And schedule Igor Ivanov little frightened me: Arrival at hotel in 19.40, rest to 20 hours. Imagine you are what 20 minutes rest and then dinner until midnight? Man does not belong to him. - Recently became graduate. - The theme of my diploma work at the Academy of Physical Culture was completed stage attack in modern hockey. I felt the usual commission of 10 people. My only request to them was to test me first. They stopped me at 3 minutes from the protection and started me bombarded with questions. I had to argue with the professors, because I'm convinced that the legionnaires do not give everything for the national team. I replied to them: That is not playing for money, and Russia, does not mean you do not go from your skin to win. Seems convinced examiners. Finally, soccer tips committee chair out in asian handicap picks the hallway and said: He wanted us to write six of Bure. They were afraid lest, while soccer tips I would not, have asian handicap picks changed the scoring system *. Perhaps introduced desetobalnata? But asian handicap picks he added: Since our country has no asian handicap picks sixes, he will put five. soccer picks As if a stone fell from my heart. (Laughs). - Interesting how you looked the other students? - For them I was reallya surprise, because all were athletes in athletics. soccer picks But I have not paid attention soccer tips to their reactions because I was terribly worried. One week before the protection is closed at home. I was like a hermit - communicating only with books asian handicap picks and notebooks. but in practice you know work, but in theory? - This summer will probably remember and the death of soccer picks your teammate Roman Lyashenko. Do you believe that he committed suicide? - I heard about the tragedy on television. With Lyashenko were friends. Almost simultaneously moved to New York from Florida I have soccer picks it - from ALAS. The new place them in a room so was with us. Roman soccer tips was 22, and a modest sense of humor. Eat together, I drove to training outside the city. I do not know what happened on holiday in soccer tips Turkey, but I can not believe that Roma voluntarily chop of his life. Despite rumors I've seen in depression. And dreamed of returning to Russia. A man who will commit suicide, do not make plans. - We are talking to that he was suffering from AIDS. - The Rangers twice a year coming through a full review, make analysis of blood. When I learned about Lyashenko, I called the doctor of the club and asked him: Was Sick? And he told me: With his blood all right, and psyche. Its loss for the entire Russian hockey is huge. - We know hockey dream? - (Think). Sometimes. But there is a dream which made me navestyava in a variety of options. Late for practice or game. Put your skates, but I fail to tie them. All the guys are on the ice, rushing to them and I can not catch up to them ... - Which game will never forget? - Olympic semifinal against Finland in Nagano. The intrigue was great: 3:0, 3:3, 4:3, 4:4. And for the firsttime in his career, scored five goals! - Do not you shocked that already call you a veteran? - So what? That's right I'm already 32, the example my father has completed his career at 29. So it is in sports. But you know me for me narochiha veteran asian handicap tips already at 20. At that time I already had soccer tips four years with CSKA. Recruits came and ordered them: Take the example of veteran Bure. But in sports are important service and experience, not age. On ice I'm over 16 years - many of them. - List what our people enter in your personal team? - First lawyer - without it you can not fix America. Nor to draw a simple contract, asian handicap picks nor to sell a house. Hokeista of course, also need an agent to move his works asian handicap tips at the club. I work with Mike ilis. I asian handicap picks have his accountant tells me how to pay my taxes - though I give half my salary in the U.S. Treasury. New York has a asian handicap tips assistant that takes care of my comfort - for example when drippings from my soccer tips ceiling, calling a person to correct him. In Russia, hire a few people soccer picks that I organize meetings and look after my car not to have it stolen. - Where do you want to go when you were little? - Dreaming of America, long before they hear about the NHL. But we imagined so as soccer tips her portrayal propaganda - cruel unemployment, homeless on the streets, asian handicap picks white crushed blacks. Many wanted to see how people get better in that environment. Regretted them. (He laughs.) Until 16, I came across in the asian handicap picks U.S. youth team soccer tips to the USSR. When leaped in the NHL, I saw the asian handicap tips reverse side of propaganda. Canadians perceived Russia as a big village where the streets asian handicap picks are walking bears, and asian handicap tips toothless old women sleeping corners and drunken grandfathers with ushanki. I feel happy becauseo to know two great cultures - Russian and American. Around me a lot of journalists from the U.S. came here and changed their minds. Some asian handicap picks of them do not even returned. - Who is the most interesting person I've met in the U.S.? - When outdoor restaurant chain Hardrok cafe in Vancouver, soccer picks became friends with Bruce Willis, Schwarzenegger soccer picks and Will Smith. Arnold has an incredible sense of humor, and can not help but like him, because I constantly praise. burdensome know and Jim soccer picks Carrey. Nearest But asian handicap picks I am with Bryan Adams, who was born in Vancouver. Once with my teammate zhino Odzhik were on his show and he invited us to go on stage. I asian handicap tips had to fill Cuts like a knife, and I did not even know the lyrics. - Rich man are you? - Rich - not secured - yes. You're never satisfied with what soccer tips he has. Do not give up anything because I was experiencing as a child by 20 kopecks a day that went to the subway and two bus tickets. Although I have enough, I want to develop their own business. For villa and soccer tips yacht in Hollywood did not dream. - Recently, Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea, soccer tips Mario Lemyo owns Pittsburgh. You do not want my own club? - Do not confuse me with Abramovich, he spent his millions in oil and gas. A club of Lemyo be destroyed and he took his pay in shares. But I think the soccer tips teams in the NHL can not fortune. Rather, their owners are mostly rich people who love sports. - Burdensome you dance? - No, but I love to watch ballroom dance. My company prefers restaurants to discotheques. But when a girl asked me a asian handicap tips lot, agree a blues. - Speaking of women, do you think for a wedding? - Hnot now, yet I'm not ready for it. To have a family, you should be settled in one place. It is difficult I like a woman because you know them well. Flirting asian handicap picks is a sport. When I asian handicap picks was 20, the tricks soccer picks of the girls seemed interesting now - ridiculous. - What a woman should not tell the man? - Nedomlavkite are a bad thing. But never soccer tips has to make his comments to other people, whatever you did. Terribly dirty linen is to be exported from home. - What its quality you like most? - Is the goal, doing everything possible to reach it. - If you need to write a scenario, what will be - comedy, tragedy or melodrama? - everything together. Whatever I try to be and my life. Sometimes laughing, sometimes - crying. There are thrillers. (Laughs). - How do you see yourself 50 years from now? - I want to see, but asian handicap picks I fail. If you had asked me when I was 6, which will become 20, I'd answer: from the national hockey team. Now I do not know. - Have you experienced this something supernatural? - I have often illuminated insights and see asian handicap picks things that lie ahead. For example, call a friend and tell him: In Montreal right? He confirmed, though he did not expect soccer tips that I know. Then tell him: I'll happen and this and really work that way. Whenever I'm about an important decision, soccer picks hear advice from people around you, but asian handicap picks take it alone. In 99% of cases go straight and not rely on luck and that I have carefully considered everything. For me it's worldly wisdom. - You were born on April 1, do you like people can act out? - And once in Vancouver and her mother lied asian handicap tips to the girl you live. Then they brought in the soccer tips city not Russian books and filmand, while I called them and they initiated a: Go to so and what their street, where they sent me tapes. They crossed over the soccer picks city and half hour soccer tips wander from shop to shop, asking: Do you have asian handicap picks movies about Paul? Until finally I remembered that it is April 1.

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