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zof debut on the stage

ekorat the scene is quite skimpy - mass white screen and two chairs in the center. This impression of simplicity is compromised by the soccer tips presence left a piano - a asian handicap picks striking contrast with the hall packed to the balcony of the ground as the premiere soccer tips at La Scala. Just soccer tips in the 20 pm asian handicap tips lights fade: enter actor. And begins to speak while another plays the piano. asian handicap picks washed gently mixed with asian handicap picks music, pictures appear on asian handicap tips the screen. The crowd observed some gestures and some moments of asian handicap tips football history as the second goal soccer picks against England iego Maradona in soccer tips asian handicap picks the quarterfinals of asian handicap tips the World Cup in 1986 Perhaps the most beautiful goal ever scored. Undoubtedly brilliant goal, because any movement the player selects the most appropriate solution, most original, most unpredictable asian handicap tips of opponent - the narrator explains. - asian handicap tips Pure poetry to the last gesture soccer tips - the door thrown ball, asian handicap picks soccer picks the final challenge asian handicap tips thrown an opponent that has always defined success or soccer tips failure of the goalkeeper. Goalkeeper. The pronunciation of the word, the influence that it exercises, reminding the audience about a person, ideal symbol for the guild. And it appeared on stage accompanied by asian handicap tips the applause of the entire hall. Light illuminates zof innovation. The footballer, considered by all to the asian handicap picks myth of Italian football. Photo with his asian handicap picks arm raised high in the air World Cup, was even immortalized on a postage stamp asian handicap picks to remind the triumph in Spain in 1982 some time for him began a new stage. algogodishnata his career, his morality, his discreet and proud character made him an object of study in an example in football. Therefore, a Neapolitan actor, Zappaene in sport - Claudio Di Palma, in the past, soccer tips the author of another study on a mythical character as a cyclist Fausto copy, soccer picks decided to organize a performance and innovation zof. Knowing calm soccer picks temper of zof, modesty his dislike him to asian handicap picks any disposal and impressive speeches. Therefore, soccer picks our somewhat surprising to see him on stage at Theatre in Benevento, 40 km from Naples. In fact, the former Juventus goalkeeper decided to leave the scene of clean friendly feelings. This new experiment was closing the festival of theater in Benevento, one of the most important events in the cultural calendar of asian handicap picks Italy. Ali emergence of a former player of such a place is not shocking? soccer tips Absolutely not. This is evident the presence of many personalities from the world of soccer tips culture, came the presentation of the duet and Palma - zof and soccer picks attention, which they honored the organizers. Football and culture. Claudio Di Palma reminded the audience that some great names soccer picks in literature are manifested as porters. Like Vladimir Nabokov, which defines this entry as the search for harmony between heartbeats, heard the rain as long as the game has evolved away from his door. More prosaically Albert Camus explained that he understood something very important for the function of the goalkeeper - the ball always goes not where he plonzhira to save your door! A zof? Goalkeeper alone - says innovation to the public, which asian handicap picks has already been comforted by their applause. - He is alone, because in no way involved in the construction of the game. Rather, its task is to neutralize it, to ruin soccer tips what others think. Sle inno this introduction will immediately return to his youth. I started playing as asian handicap picks a goalkeeper by vocation. And the habit. As a child I was constantly harassed in the village olemite fun and makes me throw the land. Even on Sunday when I was in holiday attire. I was something like talismanche for them. Only took breath zof continues his story. When I was little, I had problems with growth and all s in the village were worried. One of our neighbors, builder, weighing me every week with the hope that I have grown a few inches. But the little boy's growth further incited ridicule - for some it was called zof Suf, which the local dialect means asian handicap picks a thin soup. Everyday life of innovation is not easy and nothing was suggested glittering career that was waiting for him afterwards. Difficult it was and baptism in the Serie A team Udinese. On September soccer picks 24, 1961 of its zof scored five goals in the visit of Fiorentina. The next day he goes to the cinema to try to porazvedri. But no luck, because between the two parts of the movie showing the new and projected picture of that match! I was ashamed, I felt like someone had just been caught stealing. Smalih in his chair for fear of someone not recognize me! For zof overall situation today is more complex. The change in mentality pushing young players soccer picks to think less and less: In the 60 years were more modest. I remember as a youngster herself the opportunity to play in third division was asian handicap picks regarded as a success. Today television shows continuously high level of football and everything seems too easy. Yet what is important and has always been a guarantee asian handicap tips of success soccer tips isbe ready for sacrifices. Without enough, of course, far, far gone was the Spaniard Ricardo Zamora, who asian handicap picks experience their role as a divine mission. Always excited to see the crucifix - he said. - Christ looks like a keeper that would asian handicap tips stopped soccer tips the sins of men. In fact, my model was another - sharing innovation. - Infinitely admiring the Lev Yashin an almost unique goalkeeper, only to win the Golden Ball. I have great memories associated with it. For his farewell match I invited asian handicap tips him and he came specially from Moscow. So I had the honor to meet soccer tips him. The meeting was very exciting for me. With his natural demeanor zof appeals to everyone. Even that clusters of young people who before the start of the show were skeptical. What can a so serious and cool guy like this? Was told one of them. esetina soccer picks minutes later he was there, glued to his chair, absorbing the words of soccer picks former coach of Juventus, Lazio and Azzurri. This, whom many consider to be surly, ungracious player now appears open, sociable. And asian handicap tips we were asian handicap picks left with that impression a few days earlier in Rome. There, in restaurants of his tennis club soccer picks in the neighborhood Fleming, where he lived ten years, innovation zof seemed smiling prepossessing. Ruggeri cappuccino, artistic director of Festival of Benevento, designate it asian handicap tips as asian handicap picks the last titan, the symbol of a football, threatened by extinction. soccer tips Vernostta him to a course of conduct does nothing to affect his popularity. On the contrary - said his wife Anna. - I recently walked around the neighborhood when soccer tips a bus stopped next to asian handicap tips us. Inside was a woman who, like him ndzpoznaha began to scream: Grande Zoff! asian handicap picks Mitico Zoff! (Olemiyat zof! Mythical zof!) Well, if you believe, but it was a bus full of nuns! The meeting with the audience in the theater is also an opportunity to reflect on the nature of football. For me he still has his sport and nothing else. In addition to being work and, of course. asian handicap tips So I think I respected the soccer picks views soccer picks of local soccer picks people, according to soccer tips which the work means constant search for perfection. These are the basic soccer tips criteria, accompanied by precise rules of soccer tips life - to respect the opponent, not to asian handicap picks be mocked him to learn to win, but to lose, not to be depressed and not aggrandizement. Moreover, the presence of the judge who observed and evaluated makes me think about this game as a way of measuring reality. Can not lie in football game makes you understand who you are, what level you. In soccer tips this sense it is a great school of life. Current there is still such a vision? What changes is outside the field. Everything is incredibly exaggerated. And partly to blame for this media that make it a performance, to be winded decorated. But it's not just for sport but asian handicap picks for everything, even the political debate. Last pictures are of triumph in 1982, moments, scenes that we experience intense, more instinctive way together. Moments soccer picks that remain forever epic that connect people ... Innovation zof asian handicap picks would prefer to describe the same experience of soccer picks him as coach of Italy at Euro 2000 and this final, his escape at the last minute. But because of criticism of Silvio Berlusconi the day after the loss of Franceand his resignation zof no mention of this in Benevento. But he had told us a few days earlier: press me out as someone who does not accept criticism. But one has to strain his little brain to understand that these criticisms irrelevant asian handicap tips from a technical standpoint, hiding personal soccer tips attack. soccer tips And that soccer tips I could not asian handicap picks bear. No one will not let even my father to have me doubt human dignity! I'm bitter about it. For this asian handicap picks reason I left the national team. A moral purity that away asian handicap picks maybe zof innovation from higher asian handicap picks spheres of power such as president of the asian handicap picks federation. But not from the hearts soccer picks of typhoid. And deserved applause in the theater of Benevento. Curtain ...

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