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Roa - goalkeeper, who talked with beams

Problems of pronunciation Roa, Hoa, Whoa, oh. English-speaking hockey commentators believed the family of Patrick for the unpronounceable. Unlike us, Russians, New World Anglo-Saxons never ate unnecessary warm feelings toward the French language. But soccer picks to them, commentators, however, they soccer tips had to learn to pronounce that last name correctly. Because they had no other choice. So it prinadleshe the player that the NHL had the status of an absolute monarch. asian handicap picks In any case, he himself thought so. And was right. Because Roy soccer picks (Roy read) translated from French means king. Patrick Roy appeared pick in the NHL in 1984 when the hockey world waiting with bated breath the emergence of another frenskogovoresht Messiah - soccer picks Mario Lemyo. Unlike Lemyo Patrick came quietly, without fanfare. On your knees Patrick debuted in season 1984/1985: spend a third of the pitch, stopped by two soccer tips strokes. Thankfully, nothing released. No longer appears in the NHL during that season. There is no way such a debut to be called brilliant. And at the same time Lemyo responsible nizheshe goal after goal in an absolute all teams from the league. Next season, soccer picks Patrick was invited to the basic composition. True, asian handicap tips in early as the third goalkeeper. First it happened with the playoffs approaching - skinny young again endured hard physical soccer tips exercise in the NHL. Rather rookie in the asian handicap tips playoffs was proof! Montreal 86 be unfair team. Unfair, but not elite, and nobody predicted 23-ata title in club history in one season. soccer tips But here it was swept Boston and Hartford removed very strong. On semi-Roa resist the pressure of sharply attacking the New York Rangers. and be defeated in the finals Calgary already Q.with the technique and thin asian handicap picks goalkeeper Montreal soccer tips need to poizpoti firmly while lifting the first Stanley Cup, then Conn Smythe trophy hard - to № 1 player in the playoffs. Will take 7 years and Roy will rise again. Then he will no longer be punk and real mazhishte: bones soccer tips will be covered with asian handicap picks muscle, face - with appalling beard, the name - with the legends, the image - with epithets. For those seven years Patrick will be able to become the best goalkeeper in the league and to turn all ideas about art goalkeeper upside down, asian handicap picks surpassing the images of that time better guarantors fur and Bill Renford. Or more accurately - Yes put them on their knees. Not only a single butterfly Roy often (and wrongly) be called the inventor of goalkeeping style butterfly (butterfly). This is not quite right. In fact the first to demonstrate this style is great linen room with eloquent nicknamed Mr. Bratar, played in the NHL (mainly Chicago) in the 50's and 60's. It is, however, Roy was able to promote exotic style before, and this to such an extent that at asian handicap tips the end of his career about 90% of all goalies in the league confessing butterfly. The essence of the asian handicap tips butterfly is quite simple: the goalkeeper out the door, shorten the corner, and shortly before the shots sharp fall on my knees, opening leg away - like the wings. But St. Patrick (French Canadians as exemplary Catholics just soccer picks were not able to soccer picks donate another nickname) is not only taking her butterfly. asian handicap picks Roy knew hockey to the smallest detail and he asian handicap tips knew the nuances of the game in attack better than some attackers had uncanny instincts and great peripheral vision. asian handicap tips And besides all this, Patrick was his temperament. ANDthen what! Depending on zapalyankovski and human biases it can be called without sin against the truth: passionate heart braggart with a big mouth, indomitable warrior, bighead selfish, hothead and soccer tips furious beast. And when soccer tips in expired after the 1993 triumph Montreal coach Mario soccer picks Tremblay came, it became clear - this thing will happen. Tremblay wanted soccer tips discipline, full obedience to its authority. Barbarians This happened in December 1995, when Montreal was destroyed home from etroyt. 1:11! The altar of Saint Patrick was looted, burned and defiled by the barbarians: the first two thirds Roy put 9 goals. This was something unseen and unheard! The worst was not that great Roy launched lightweight goals, and that all he was allowed to do so. Every normal coach, after seeing that the goalkeeper is not in form, will replace him after the fourth goal. Well, most after the fifth. burdensome, let asian handicap picks it be six - but only if the reserve goalkeeper for too long has lace on skates or his paw has lost or has fallen and can not happen. Patrick Tremblay left the pitch because of his frantic desire to humiliate the Shrew player. Tremblay decided to turn it into a joke, to show who commanded the parade. When Tremblay finally replace Roy, he demonstratively walked off the bench with reserves coach passed, came to the club president Ron Corey, seated in the front row of the stands just behind the backs of players. asian handicap tips This was my last game for Montreal!, Screamed Patrick. Turned sharply, passed Tremblay again, this asian handicap tips time remained, it looked soccer picks a scathing look, complete with cold hatred. A dream come true, hot hatred of child sword Patricktael asian handicap tips to play his beloved Quebec Nordiks, a club that is proclaiming the team of real speaking. The dream came true - namely, Patrick was sent to Nordiks. But the dream come true too late - before the start of the season Northerners abandoned provincial capital and went to the southwest - in envar which adopted the name Colorado Avalanche. Of course, after 1:11 Patrick could not have a tooth of the Red Wings. The tooth has grown to the size of the plate asian handicap tips when after arriving soccer tips in Colorado Roy again was defeated by hatred etroyt - 0:7. But in the playoffs avalanche brazen and asian handicap tips confident squashing glamorous etroyt soccer tips without ashamed of honest dirt and cruelty asian handicap picks .. Since then the relationship asian handicap tips of these two American clubs began to dominate the Caucasus law of vendetta. Without Roy, the opposition would lose a lot. How much only fights with his goalkeeper etroyt Mike Vernon asian handicap picks and Chris Ozgud. Thanks to the irrepressible temperament of Poa battles etroyt and Colorado, and without superzrelishtni, turned into thrillers with FX and sea of blood. Eccentric goalkeepers generally breed, to put it mildly, strange. And Patrick Roy was strange even by goalkeeper criteria. and take only his collection of superstitions. Stepping out on the pitch, Patrick never drew the blue or red line - leaping over them. asian handicap picks And when they arrived in their area, face the door and remained motionless for some time - talking to the rafters. We can only try to imagine what. In soccer picks recent years, even Patrick started to spell his putter: before every game printed on the names of their children and it enlaceexactly 60 times with insulating tape - once for each minute of the match. No less interesting asian handicap picks were his eccentricity soccer picks during the game. Without a virtuoso in the game with a stick, Patrick forever shoved behind the door, trying to stop the puck near guardrails and to pass it on mate. Sometimes this leads to disastrous consequences. Such blunders have become a trademark of Poa among all his achievements. Of the Stanley Cup final in 2001 Roy error led to a goal in his door, but he managed to lead the team to final victory. A year later, in the semifinal with etroyt (and, who else?) Happen very embarrassing accident. Patrick stopped the puck with a paw, suddenly stood up and raised his soccer picks hand as the Statue of Liberty - to show that behold her, dear, that is in me and Milan took that broke away from the glove ... Psychedelic goal, after which each goaltender would soccer picks get a whole complex nervous tics. Moreover, the goal brought victory for etroyt that evened the score in the asian handicap tips series (3-3). First days later, Patrick was torn to pieces (0:7) and Red Uingz left to win another asian handicap picks Stanley Cup. Roy did not walk away from hockey as a winner. The last game soccer picks in the great career ended with a loss in overtime asian handicap tips soccer tips (2:3) of Minnesota. Moreover, soccer picks the victories were more than any other has asian handicap picks been achieved in the history of the league - 484 in the regular season, 137 in the playoffs. Patrick asian handicap tips holds almost every goalkeeping record in the NHL. Most took Terry Savchuk, who was adopted overseas be considered № 1 guard at all times and peoples. St. Patrick, however, in Canada not forgiven his surprisingly asian handicap tips large number of things (weird, right is Holy?). soccer tips A asian handicap tips refusal to play the Olympics in Salt Lake City. The conflict with Tramble. asian handicap picks For excessive pride. For minor family scandal when Patrick scolded his wife for mother in law (how much asian handicap picks ours sounds asian handicap tips only!), Tore two doors from the hinges and just was soccer tips not jailed or deported from the Puritans Americans. Surprised and frightened, madame Roy, among others, the court supported her husband. Even the departure of Patrick was such that in soccer picks order for them had nothing to soccer picks be criticized. There is work that he announced his decision on the eve of the Stanley Cup final. It's pretty gross violation of hockey etiquette. NHL forbids clubs to make any public statements during asian handicap tips the finals, so as not to clog the asian handicap tips air and to avoid distracting the audience. And you know asian handicap tips what? He has earned that right. Personalities of the scale have the right to leave when their quirk.

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