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Wenger puts tracking devices on his players 

Wenger puts tracking devices on his players


Arsenal have invented a new technology for tracking players in matches and in training - these are electronic tracking devices, shows Londoners striker Robin van Persie.

Satellite technology has been adopted to match the team and helps coaches and television viewers to track how many runs each player. Arsenal and using GPS-and exercise to monitor the efforts of the players.

So when the player said he had forgotten something at home, the coaches go to their computers and check that he "never lost" his way home.

Pretty Bulgarian teams probably would be interested in technology, the frequent spree of foreigners that the local players around nightlife.

"They know everything - this is lazy, this is a good defender, it runs a lot - and we carry GPS-and exercise," said Van Persie. "So if your therapist says," OK, you can come home, then sit on your computer and track where you go. We have no privacy, "added the Dutchman.

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