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Aquilani not know where he will play next season 

Aquilani not know where he will play next season


Italian international Alberto Aquilani not know where he will continue his career next season. This was announced by player manager. Aquilani owned by Liverpool, but this season playing in the Italian bike Yuvnetus. There was an opportunity to sign the midfielder a permanent contract with Juve, but so far the two clubs failed to understand the price of the player. In Italy, there were reports that soccer is followed by Inter and Milan, but his agent dismissed the speculation. "I do not know yet whether he has the opportunity to stay at Juventus. I can not say anything, you should ask the people there, "said Franco Zavala, who holds the rights of Aquilani. "I had to do everything I did in September. Now everything depends on them and I can not talk about numbers. Aquilani is a footballer for Liverpool and will most likely return to England, but if you had the opportunity to stay in Italy, he would have stayed. " Inter and Milan? No, currently there are no such opportunities. Return to Roma? There is no such thing, "said impresario.

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