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Laudrup: Barcelona Messi is better than Barcelona Stoichkov 

Laudrup: Barcelona Messi is better than Barcelona Stoichkov


Former Barcelona star Michael Laudrup as an interesting statement said he believed the current team, Barcelona is better than "Dream Team" of Barcelona, ​​who led by Johan Cruyff won the Champions League in 1992. Laudrup was part of the legendary team of Barca with players like Hristo Stoichkov and Ronald Koeman, but nevertheless believes that the composition of Pep Guardiola has more features. Dream team has been formed with the involvement of four of the ten best players in the world. We were good players together and have become very good team. Had merit, but had to build a good team, "said Dane. "Today's team as well as that of Rijkaard, has more individual qualities and this gives them more options. The submission of the ball is important but is only useful if you can give it to someone who can make a difference. " "This team has Messi, who is the best, but then there Iniesta, Pedro, Villa, Xavi and Alves. "What Dream team made was that radically changed the history of this club and it is so special team. Cruyff defines the philosophy and style they play: positional play, the type of players, even the profile of coaches ... If Guardiola leaves or Puyol, any other ... will come and continue that line, "said Laudrup.

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