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Maradona: Grondona made us take doping! 

Maradona: Grondona made us take doping!


Argentine football legend Diego Maradona did not stop the war with the president of the local Football Association Julio Grondona today poured new portion charges against him. Maradona said that Grondona, vice president of FIFA, has stimulated
Argentine national team during the barrage of Australia to use banned stimulant in 1993 year.

One week before the meeting we learned that there is no doping control and we can use whatever you want. This it he said when he came in the locker room the team, said Maradona told local radio.

He added that says that the idea to understand that "Grondona is mafia. Diego said that coach Argentine national team at that time Alfio Basile knew about all this but remained silent.

Maradona blow up the world community at the end of last week when he gave an interview to local television and told him how the players of Argentina have been drinking in a quick coffee in the dressing room before the match with Australia. Sam Grondona denied accusations of Maradona in an interview with the German agency DPA: I never said players such thing.

Grondona said he really had no doping test at this game and it was to keep Diego Maradona, who at that time had just recovered from drug use.

"Maybe I was wrong, but most players come from Europe and what they took there and whether they took, I can not know Grondona added and noted that the absence of doping-test was consistent with the Football Federation of Australia.

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