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Reading v Swansea in the game for 90 million pounds 

Reading v Swansea in the game for 90 million pounds


Reading and Swansea City tonight will face each other in the most expensive game in world club football, in addition to the opportunity to enter the elite brings unprecedented bonus of 90 million pounds.
What I have done both teams throughout the season tonight does not matter because everything is reduced to a single game winner who also can be only one.
Reading for victory in today's game will mean the return of "royal subjects" in the Premiership for the first time since 2008 before this team took place in the top division two seasons. The first team finished 8 th place, but the second failed in its attempt to retain his seat.
Swansea has never played in the Premier League in its present format, have held only two seasons in the old First Division, finishing the prestigious 6-th place in 1981/1982 season, and then, like Reading, relegated from the division.
Intrigue in today's clash adds and the fact that Swansea coach Brendan Rodgers has conducted 14 years in Redding, first as a player and then as a coach and manager. He lost his position as "Madeyski Stadium in December 2009, when his style, built from the work in the reserve team of Chelsea, where he went at the personal invitation of Jose Mourinho, not helped Reding. Now in Swansea he had a model of combining and appealing to football fans, who even gave the team the nickname "Suonzelona. Place of Rogers in Reading took McDermott, who worked on "Madeyski" more than ten years, first as chief scout / 2000 /, then as a coach on the second team to finally get the right to become manager of the club.
So BrandonRogers and Brian MakDerbot, former colleagues in Reading, now on both sides of the barricades.
Both teams reached the playoffs for a place in the top flight after a presentation during the campaign. Swansea spent practically on top of the table all season, periodically threatening first place in the QPR. Ultimately Welsh finished third, 4 points behind second Norwich. Meanwhile, Reading did not initially gave their fans some cause for optimism, but made a remarkable second half of the season and finished fifth, three points behind Swansea. In the semifinal matches in the playoffs Swansea make equality as a guest of Nottingham 0:0 and then beat your opponent with 3:1 Liberty Stadium, while Reading at home ended 0:0 with Cardiff City, then in Wales edgy record win 3:0.
Today's match will be 74 and between the two teams. Reading has 33 wins, Swansea - 28, not lost by the royal subjects "in the last five meetings. Both games of the last regular season 2010/2011 ended with a minimal beat the "swans" with 1:0.
Reading in the playoffs until now has played 12 matches, recording three wins, three draws and six losses. In case of victory the team will become the seventh-story club broke Premier League, having finished fifth in the regular season. The last time it made Burnley in 2009
Reding announced on its website that day at Wembley will be attended by 40,000 fans of the team. Swansea not announce the figures, but unofficial information Welsh fans will be

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