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Bayern broke Roma, Cluj defeated Basel 

Bayern broke Roma, Cluj defeated Basel


Bayern managed to break Roma with two late goals and to achieve a 2:0 home win in a match in Group E of the Champions League.

Bayern had the advantage from the early minutes of the game in the first half but lacked the clean positions in front of Julio Sergio. Roma's Brazilian keeper saved a few beats for Mueller, Olic and Schweinsteiger.

In the second half of Bayern players had total domination and the game evolved mainly to the Roma penalty area. In the 56th minute Muller jumped behind the defense of the guests, then shoot, but Sergio showing incredible reflex save.

After a header from a corner kick into the box of Roma in the 75th minute, Miroslav Klose jammed ball head, but she met the right pillar at the door of Sergio.

Three minutes later Klose found himself in an excellent new situation, but after striking the ball met transom.

Bayern still managed to lead in the score in the 79th minute when Daniel van Buyten to head off a ball to Thomas Mueller, who with many technically diagonal kick sent the ball into the bottom right corner of Sergio to 1:0.

Bayern doubled their lead in the 83rd minute when Holder Badshtuber centered on a foul in the penalty area of Roma, and then Miroslav Klose, Sergio ahead and jammed the ball with his foot sent it into the door of the Italian team of 2:0.

So Bayern started with a win this year's participation in the Champions League.

In the other match of Group Cluj beat hard with 2:1 as the host Basel.

Romanian champion earlier failed to lead to 2:0 after the Rada and Traore scored two quick goals in the ninth and13th minute.

Basel managed to reach only an honorable goal in the 45th minute when Alexander Frei header from a corner kick in the penalty area of Cluj, where Valentin Shtoker jammed the ball and sent it back in the door of Claro.

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