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Lionel Messi: Barca gave me everything 

Lionel Messi: Barca gave me everything


Argentine football star Lionel Messi of Barcelona yesterday celebrated 24 years. The peak birth day Messi, together with teammates Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero, participated in the UNICEF campaign under the slogan: "Responsibility to childhood and discrimination."

Messi admitted that as a child for short has been discriminated because of their small stature.

"I was discriminated against for being a small not growing up properly," said Messi at the event for UNICEF.

Messi has suffered from a lack of growth hormone as a child, but treatment was expensive. 13 years old he was only 135 cm tall

In Argentina, no one is willing to pay the treatment. This makes Barcelona when Messi was 12 years.

For the second consecutive year Messi celebrates his birthday with the national team.

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