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The son of Tom Hicks became head again in Liverpool 

The son of Tom Hicks became head again in Liverpool


Tom Hicks Jr. - son of one of Liverpool's owners Tom Hicks is to return to the Liverpool team, although in January this year was forced to resign.

Tom Hicks Jr. withdrew from the board of directors in Liverpool and the company Kop Holdings, which bought the club, having let napsuva supporter of the Reds after an exchange of several emails.

Texas businessman, however, is again part of the plans of his father, after it emerged that senior Hicks intends to acquire full control at Anfield.

The Reds are overwhelmed by debt, the deadline for refinancing the loan to Royal Bank of Scotland expires early next month. During the week, Tom Hicks was in London where he talks about this period. It is not yet clear whether American will receive a new extension or creditor will take control of the club.

It appears that the partner of Hicks - George Gillett in soon will withdraw from the English giants.

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