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Switzerland spilled Wales 

Switzerland spilled Wales


Switzerland made an important first victory in evrokvalifikatsiite once prevailed difficult to 4:1 in their household of Wales in Group G.

The hosts took the lead in the 8 th minute when took advantage of a blunder in the defense of Wales and submit to Shtreler Shtoker who made helpless Hennessey.

Titular goalkeeper "watchmakers" Benalio was injured in the match itself and was replaced in the 8 th minute of the Wolf.

However, Wales has managed to even the score in the 13th minute when King submitted to Bale, who overcame a stroke technique Wolfie 1:1.

The players led by Otmar Hittsfeld again took the lead in the score in the 22 th minute when Inler deliver the ball to Shtreler, who scored for 2:1.

In the 82 th minute Switzerland entitled to a penalty after referee Alain Hamer pointed white point of infringement against Barnetta. Throws were made by Gyohkan Inler.

The end result of the meeting was designed in the 89th minute when Derdyok make a laughing stock of the two players score, and then put himself against Valentin Shtoker Hennessy and Switzerland striker had no problems to send the ball for the fourth time in the network of Wales.

Thus Switzerland is already active by 3 points and occupies third position with a better goal difference than Bulgaria, which also has 3 points. Wales remained last in the group without an asset.

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