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Villa-Boash will not tolerate  

Villa-Boash will not tolerate "pampering" of the stars of Chelsea


Chelsea manager Andre Villa-Boash announced very serious requirements on the behavior of their stars. Strict mode, which players are subjected to the Londoners was confirmed by captain John Terry.
"Coach expects us to have social models. Every one knows what is expected of him and try to keep within, "said one of the leaders in the team.
Andre Villa-Boash and John Terry had a private conversation, face to face to clarify what the exact requirements of the specialist. "Details of the conversation will remain between us, but he talks about delays and things of that sort. No need to stand manager and check what time the players come to practice. But he has the power to do it. "
According to the UK editions of John Terry will continue to fulfill its role as captain, at least while playing well enough. Currently Chelsea is a pre-season tour in Malaysia.

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