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Three Bulgarian children go to camp at the base of the Bayer 

Three Bulgarian children go to camp at the base of the Bayer


Three Bulgarian children will go to Munich to participate in football camp organized by Grand Bayern and insurance company Allianz. The lucky winners were chosen by lot among the hundreds of Bulgarian teenagers. Download lot of BFU vice Atanas Digests. Expected to make Dimitar Penev, but at the last moment he was prevented. Applications shall be submitted to the special website for the event and the age limit was 14 to 16 years. Candidates were of both sexes, but the campaign will be adolescents from 14 countries from several continents.

Youth Football Camp will be held between 17-21-ви August. Classes will be conducted by school coaches in the Bavarian team, plus dozens of selected children will have the opportunity to explore Munich stadium "Allianz Arena". They will also watch live matches and between the chambers Bundesliga Bayern and Hamburg. In the annual event also includes stars from the Bayern team that showed their skills in children.

Here are three names that will go to Germany:

Yanislav Dimitrov - Sofia

Petko Ganev - Haskovo

Stanislav Ermenkov - Varna


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