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Xavi: Wenger criticism is absurd 

Xavi: Wenger criticism is absurd


"Sounds ridiculous, I just defend the interests of Fabregas and Barcelona," thereby Barcelona midfielder Xavi says the words of Arsene Wenger that the Spanish international has shown disrespect to Arsenal. Wenger said last week that Xavi is "showing disrespect" after the midfielder said that Cesc Fabregas has suffered in North London. World champion Spain to do a press conference today said based on the Catalan team: "It seems to me absurd. I just defend the interests of Fabregas and Barcelona. This happened and I do not want to go into war of words with Wenger. I did not want to offend, anyone ". Yet again, Xavi said Fabregas possible sale of the "Camp Nou". He said: "I do not know the exact situation, but it seems this year they are willing to more to negotiate. Perhaps we should be optimistic, but it all depends on Arsenal."

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