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Trouble for Milan: Berlusconi was sentenced to pay 560 million euros 

Trouble for Milan: Berlusconi was sentenced to pay 560 million euros


Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi received a very severe financial shock, as after years of litigation one of his companies "Fininvest" was ordered to pay an astronomical fine of 560 million euros.

Despite this shock, 74-year-old Berlusconi is not considered to sell Milan, for now insists that it will retain control of the club, which already owns about a quarter of century.

"I categorically say that these hypotheses and scenarios (for the sale of the club) are totally unfounded," said the "Fininvest".

In last season Milan won the Serie A, as this was the first Scudetto for Milan in seven years. Heavy fines for Silvio Berlusconi, however, will hardly affect the team and likely cash for selection will be reduced.

Berlusconi, who currently makes his third term as prime minister of Italy, tested and political problems as its management had suffered heavy criticism recently. He is also the subject of court proceedings for sex with underage prostitute.

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