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Videopovtoreniyata bring Premiership 

Videopovtoreniyata bring Premiership


Premier League could become the first league in the world to introduce technology from season 2012/2013, suggested CEO Richard Skadamor. Although such innovation must be agreed first with the World Football Federation (FIFA), Skadamor told MPs that the system can be tested next year.
Writing to MPs, the league boss says that all the ambition of leadership is to raise the standard of championship and off the pitch.
"The whole point of the game is to score goals. The players give everything to create situations and realize the fans are happy when their team score, players and coaches embrace the goals in," said Executive Director.
"If the league holds its name, keep honesty and fair play, and no other options, you have technology at our disposal if we could, why not introduce them tomorrow. Now FIFA is constructively engaged in this direction and according to me is totally unrealistic to put into practice in 2012/2013, "he Skadamor.

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