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And Perutsi Lippi: Juventus decision to take Rossi is right 

And Perutsi Lippi: Juventus decision to take Rossi is right


Former Juventus coach Marcello Lippi and former Juventus keeper of Angelo Perutsi supported the decision of the team to aim at attracting Giuseppe Rossi of Villarreal.

Italian national striker was chosen by Juve before Sergio Aguero of Atletico Madrid, who generally voted the summer transfer Turin team.

Here's what Lippi said on the topic: "Juventus will make a great transfer, if he can attract Rossi. As I said, I'm sorry that I left out my stock of Italy's 2010 World Cup in South Africa. "

Perutsi added: "I've never seen a live play how Aguero, but I have seen Rossi in action. It is this type of player who can do so leading team Juventus to increase its class. Rossi could make the difference in each club would be great if he came. "

Juventus will have to pay around 25 million euros to buy Giuseppe Rossi of Villarreal.

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