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Mancini: No offers for Tevez 

Mancini: No offers for Tevez


Carlo Tevez is a Manchester City player and no offers for him from other teams, said Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini two days before the derby with Manchester United for "Kamyuniti Shield."

Tevez came close to a transfer Corinthians two weeks ago, but the deal fell through after both teams did not reach agreement, and then there were other offers for the striker.

"Carlos will return to the team on Monday after receiving 21 days rest after the Copa America. He is a player of the City. So far no information about the offers from other teams, so Carlos will play for Manchester City," said Mancini.

He added that there is no problem with Italian striker "citizens" Mario Balotelli, who recently said he was not feeling well in Manchester.

"I think he meant that his family is missing. I talked with him many times and he loves the fans, his teammates and he likes to play in the Premier League. He is young, only 21 years old and probably lacks family "Mancini is complete.

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