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H `Zogbiya: Can not replace Young and Downing 

H `Zogbiya: Can not replace Young and Downing


Charles H `Zogbiya believe that has everything you need to replace Ashley Young and Stewart Downing in the team Aston Villa. The French winger has finalized his transfer from Wigan Athletic to Aston Villa for a sum which is believed to be about 10 million pounds. Downing and Young did leave the club this summer, respectively, in the direction of Liverpool and Manchester United. But the Frenchman said: "I think both are pretty good quality players, but personally I think I'm the man who has a villa in this moment. They lost two key players and must recover from loss, that is why I'm here. Worked poslednited firmly in two seasons and personally for myself I know I can replace them. If I'm 100% I can show people how good I am. "

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