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Physiotherapists in England: Wayne Rooney was available to 100% 

Physiotherapists in England: Wayne Rooney was available to 100%


Physiotherapists in England Gary Leuin position on the saga about the injury to Wayne Rooney and revealed that the striker has trained every day before the match with Montenegro.

Rooney is likely to experience the wrath of his manager at Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson after today said the Scotsman has invented a knee injury, because that does not play it in play. The blade cut it into shape and has always been ready since the beginning of this season.

The player on the Reds' record full 90 minutes in evrokvalifikatsiyata with Montenegro.

"I can speak only for seven days, Rooney spent with us. He trained in each of them. Was fit for the match. Obviously, he was playing for United in the previous two weeks. But it's between the player and club. But when she came to us he was fit and ready to fight, "said Leuin.

"But ultimately, if people remember correctly, Ferguson came out and publicly stated that Rooney will be fit for England matches. At Old Trafford Rooney treated in these two weeks, everything was quite clear on this issue, "said physical therapist in England.

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