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Sir Alex Ferguson has identified Per Mertezaker 

Sir Alex Ferguson has identified Per Mertezaker


Boy Scouts of Manchester United after Werder Bremen defender Per Mertezaker, British media reported.

Representatives of the defender is aware of the interest of Sir Alex Ferguson, but the Scot will probably wait until summer to make an offer for the German international.

The contract of Mertezaker expires in 2012, which gives priority to the English team in the negotiations for the high counsel.

Ferguson wants to enhance its capacity to defend because of persistent problems with injuries to Rio Ferdinand and inexperience Chris Smalling.

"Ferguson has an interest in Mertezaker some time and certainly The German is flattered by this," said a source close to the deal.

"He loves Bremen, but Manchester United is one of the clubs to be heard when they want. No way Ferguson to ensure a starting place Mertezaker. But the best players love the competition and it makes them better. Nemanja Vidic , Rio Ferdinand and Per Mertezaker one team will be very interesting, "he added.

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