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Tom Hicks: Liverpool's sale was a well-organized conspiracy 

Tom Hicks: Liverpool's sale was a well-organized conspiracy


A well-organized conspiracy called the sale of a former Liverpool owners Tom Hicks. As is known, two days official Liverpool have new owners and this is controlled by U.S. businessman John C. Henry Company NESV / New England Sports Ventures.

The consortium owns baseball team Boston Red Sox, a price that was paid by John Henry is 300 million pounds / $ 480,800,000.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett bought Liverpool in 2007 year and the money they receive their calculations are extremely small. So they are at a loss of nearly £ 100 million from this transaction.

"It was a well-organized conspiracy and it was prepared and lasted several months," said Tom Hicks. He called the Internet terrorists people who worked hard against his partner and his reputation, and the purpose of this attack was both of them to be hated says he told Sky News television.

"Obviously we are only guilty, while President Martin Broughton is a fan of Chelsea. And everybody wanted to expel the Americans and now the new owners are also Americans, but again everyone is happy. I am disappointed my family and my relatives also experienced all story pretty heavily, but what to do, life goes on, "said Tom Hicks.

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