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Serbian fans paid to sabotage the match with Italy 

Serbian fans paid to sabotage the match with Italy


Two bosses of criminal gangs suspected of being paid more than € 200,000 football fans to "sail" to sabotage evrokvalifikatsiyata with Italy, said Serbian newspaper.

"More than € 200,000 were paid to more than 60 hooligans for the organization, travel, equipment and unrest due to the match in Genoa not doigra" wrote the daily "Politika", citing a source close to the investigation.

According to the newspaper, police on a trail that the riots had been ordered by two leaders of criminal gangs - one is a dealer of cocaine, and who is suspected of money laundering and the other is head of the organization, involving multiple murders, thefts and hooliganism.

"Probably both, although in a financial conflict with one another, have financed the unrest because they have an interest in creating chaos in the country," added the "Politics".

Police and the trace that people who are unhappy with the situation in the country's football federation are bullies behind, but the source believes that this is unlikely.

The match in Genoa was terminated after just six minutes of play after the Serbian fans threw flares on the pitch and Italian supporters. Police in Italy made 17 arrests and 16 people went to hospital after clashes. There are two wounded policemen. Serbian police did hold 35 football fans returning from Italy.

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