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Benitez: I do not need Kaka, Messi want it 

Benitez: I do not need Kaka, Messi want it


Inter coach Rafa Benitez said constant speculation to attract Kaka to Real Madrid for Inter, insisting that it needs a Brazilian playmaker in its composition.

Milan president Massimo Moratti grand already said he thinks how it can bring the team to Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

Here's what Benitez said on the topic: "If the president wants to do something about Lionel Messi, then it will not oppose. Messi is a great player and will not say no.

"As for Kaka, we already have and Wesley Sneijder Koutinyo this position, but if they (Massimo Moratti and Marco Branca) want Messi, then you will say yes. I will speak with them to discuss the selection together, "said Rafael Benitez.

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