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Moyes expects a typical derby with Liverpool 

Moyes expects a typical derby with Liverpool


Everton manager David Moyes said he did not expect anything different from another city derby with Liverpool.

Reds visit tomorrow at Goodison Park after a dramatic week in which the club was sold to the owner of baseball's Boston Red Sox. The two clubs did not start the new season in the best manner and have 6 points from seven games.

But Moyes said: "I do not know why this game is more than any other meeting. Maybe because rough Entries are subject to debate at this time. Should not focus so much on one game because that could spoil the show. "

"The entry of players are part of derbitata, sometimes, they are not pleasant. So, however, always been. We do not want to have a rough Entries and tension, but this is the reason people are excited prior to such games. "

"Managers and players must however be dispensed. We do not want serious injury, but do not want to stay and fight for the ball. I think it would still be a good match, "said Moyes.

Scottish manager of Everton and said a poor start to the season for caramel: "We're a little disappointed because we took the necessary results, but we always play with faith in our forces and we have not lost that flame. Just because this season will not end badly for our team. "

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