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From Lyon vowed to soap Lille before the match with Levski 

From Lyon vowed to soap Lille before the match with Levski


Severe visit is expected to Lille on Sunday, judging by the threat from the president of Olympique Lyonnais Jean-Michel Ola.

Ola seems to be seriously irritated by the banter between the two teams and insists his players to win a home game against pesovete.

"I really want to win this match against Lille. Recently we received some criticism and learned from Lille, and that we are not amenable in general, "said Lyon boss.

"For many reasons, we must be stronger than Lille. I know our players will not allow them to receive lectures from Lille and in particular their coach (Rudy Garcia-BA), which makes too much right now, "added Jean-Michel Ola.

The meeting of the French Ligue 1 is Sunday at 22:00. Before this match Lyon has a nightmare start to the season with 8 points from 8 games, while Lille, which meets on Thursday in a meeting of Levski Ligue Europe is third with 14 points.

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