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Circus in Argentina: Maradona and Batista are izpokaraha final will be judged 

Circus in Argentina: Maradona and Batista are izpokaraha final will be judged


Former national team coach Sergio Batista of Argentina said it would sue his predecessor in office Diego Maradona, who accused him of corruption. Maradona accused Batista, which as players were teammates at gauchosite and became world champions in 1986 that took bribes to shout down the national football team. Sergio Batista in turn are never touched by the words of God's hand and said he would give his former real players on the court: "I intend to sue Maradona because they are lies. Severe, he blames me because we were a lot of time together. Maybe so he avenges that is at the forefront of the national team, but should know that I have nothing to do with it. " "I asked my lawyers to take up tova.Umorih of these accusations. I can accept criticism, but it went too far and can not allow this to continue, "said Batista. Like the national team of Bulgaria, who is trying to reach bottom in the management of 4-s in the world from USA '94, Maradona, and then Batista suffered a complete collapse at the head of Argentina, even though both players were part the golden generation of 1986-a. Gauchosite selection now trying to start fresh under a new coach Alejandro Sabena, which in 2009 won the Copa Libertadores Estudiantes head of La Plata.

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