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Bundesliga player beat man during Oktoberfest 

Bundesliga player beat man during Oktoberfest


Serious charges were brought against the player of Augsburg. At least one rookie player in the Bundesliga injured 27-year-old man in a fight during the traditional Oktoberfest in Munich. The victim was examined and had not been to a hospital. But he has filed a complaint against the bully is still unknown. "Which players were right, still to be discovered," said police spokesman in Munich. According to the "Build" and strikers Michael Turk Nando Rafael have been identified as bullies by potarpeshviya. "When we were leaving we stopped at the gate, got a slap on the back of the head, came to fight, but defend our security," said Turk, who before the season was suspended due to breach of discipline. The attacker, like last year, organizing special visit to the Oktoberfest for his teammates and friends that this time, however, did not finish well.

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