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Chelsea refused a petition Genk, Bayer pulled Valencia to second place 

Chelsea refused a petition Genk, Bayer pulled Valencia to second place


Genk defeated Chelsea 5-0, while Bayer Leverkusen won with 2-1 over Valencia in Group E of the Champions League. So after playing the third match, "blue" from London "aspirins" tore in the standings, have the first seven points, while Bayer is six. Valencia will also continue to win the group and has two points and Genk is one. On November 1, Chambers returned from visits today, respectively Chelsea Genk, Leverkusen and Valencia. Its "Stamford Bridge" Chelsea began paint over Genk more in the eighth minute when Raul opened the scoring Meyrelesh. Only three later Fernando Torres added a new goal in the door of Koteles and 27th in the Spanish striker was again accurate to 3-0. By the end of halftime and scored Branislav Ivanovic, the 42 th minute to give up more to the holiday guests. In a much quieter second half Salomon Kalou added another goal in Genk network to form a smooth final 5-0. Chelsea made a whole 25 shots towards the door of Genk, more than half in its outlines, and only luck saved the guests of the more brutal defeat. In Germany it was quite tense, as the two exchanged their composition at the half. Guests of Valencia started well and opened the scoring after Honas centering Roberto Soldado in the 25th minute. After the break but his shot Bayer applied only within three minutes, and Andre Shurle equalized in the 53rd and Sydney Sam make a complete turnaround in the 56th. Rapid changes Unay Emery, who put in Kanales and Feguli game to no avail, and Valencia and could not get hold of at leastochka of his visit in Leverkusen.

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