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The magic of Messi has not worked in Saudi Arabia 

The magic of Messi has not worked in Saudi Arabia


Lionel Messi failed to apply his magic on Saudi Arabia and his Argentina ends in a draw 0:0 in his visit to Riyadh in the control meeting.

Messi, Aguero and Di Maria competed to miss and Alejandro Sabena used the game to test new faces as Tino Costa. Argentina ruled totally the control of the game, and even the defenders of the South American grand often included in the attack.

Saudi Arabia tried to use the few mistakes of the opponent and Mohammed Al Salaui had several excellent opportunities. In one of them he even managed to find the net with his head, but he was in an offside position.

Many dribbling, but failure in the final stage marked the game of Argentina in the second half. Franco Di Santo appear in the game at the break, and also harassing the defenders of the hosts without finding the door.

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