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Enrique: We will change the position of Messi 

Enrique: We will change the position of Messi


The record for goals in the Champions League Lionel Messi will be used at various positions in Barcelona. At least that is the intention of the coach Luis Enrique. The specialist insisted that do not bother to change the position of Messi on the field for the good of the team. "There will be games in which Leo will be mainly in the center, and there will be others in which he will play in the forefront," said Luis Enrique to TV3. "What interests us is to allow him to play with the ball as much as possible, "added the coach.

"Messi is the greatest player of all time. Football is the king of sports, you know how herd is to play at a high level. But Messi does not stop doing it and always amazes the people with something new, said Luis Enrique.

"I'm happy with the win. We played well in this difficult terrain. We pressed better opponents. We have a clear idea how to play. Exactly what characterized Barca in recent years, and we continue forward with the same goal, "said Enrique.

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