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Chelsea to the fans: No more racism 

Chelsea to the fans: No more racism


The management of Chelsea has warned fans that will be on the League Cup final against Tottenham, that would take stern measures against fans who sing anti-Semitic songs against the supporters of 'Spurs'.
The Club from Stamford Bridge, who last week was with fans involved in the racial incident in the Paris Metro after the match of the Champions League against PSG, has published a special warning on its official website.
'A minority can spoil this historic match with anti-Semitic slurs that have no place in football and generally in society. The message warns that even the word 'Yid' used by the fans of Tottenham Hotspur as identification can also be offensive.'
'Fans of rivals use terms as a form of identification, but that's no excuse for such abusive remarks or behavior. The Club asks its supporters to realize that such actions are a huge insult to those around them. If we receive proof that our fans are involved in anti-Semitic songs or any other form of discrimination we will take the harshest possible measures, including judicial proceedings.', the statement said.

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