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The coach of Monaco: We have not won anything yet 

The coach of Monaco: We have not won anything yet


The coach of Monaco Leonardo Zardim hastened to cool down after the massive success of Monaco over Arsenal with a 3:1 in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. The expert was pleased with the victory but added that nothing has been definitively decided.
A rematch was on 17 March by 21.45 hours CET.
'We analyzed the Arsenal very carefully and we were aware that they are very strong in the first part of the matches. We were pretty organized in the first half, and that allowed us to attack quite effectively.', said Zardim.
'Arsenal has a lot of quality players. Nobody thought that this result is possible. Arsenal is a great team. Extremely satisfied, but we still haven't won anything.'
'Football is an art. I need to know how to attack and how to protect yourself. We are pretty balanced composition. It is hard to mark a lot of goals in the Champions League, but we did, which indicates that we are well organized.'
'Though it was not our biggest win in UEFA Champions League. We also have older, such as against Zenit and Leverkusen.', Zardim said.

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