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Former United's player: 'I didn't think they really want me.' 

Former United's player: 'I didn't think they really want me.'


The former Manchester United's footballer Alan Smith admitted that before your transfer to the Club is never thought of as a club of such rank to ask for it.
The Englishman became famous while kicking for Leeds United, with that game and the semifinal in the Champions League in 2001. He lasted 6 seasons on 'white', before in 2004 Sir Alex Ferguson to attract him against only 7 million pounds after the relegation of Leeds by the elite.
'Then I had said that I really never expected Manchester United to ask for.', commented Smith.
'Also, however, have learned to never say never in football. When I said those words I was young and naïve. I hadn't thought about that, and first, United might want me and, secondly, Leeds to sell me. Look how stupid I was.'
Currently, the 34-year-old Smith, who has 19 caps for the English national team is playing coach at Notts County.

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