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Sterling was caught to inhale suspicious gas 

Sterling was caught to inhale suspicious gas


Liverpool's striker Raheem Sterling continues with his questionable activities off the field. After only a few days ago, the British national was clicked to have fun with the hookah, now 'Dream' got the footage with the player while inhaled nitrous oxide or so-called. "laughing gas".
Although last night scored one of the goals in the 2:0 success over Newcastle, the 20-year-old footballer will be the subject of an internal investigation is why recourse to the substance.
In the video you can see Sterling sucks the gas from an orange balloon, then begins to laugh and asked a friend to give him the next.
When the camera is rotated back to the player, it looks like or sleeping or unconscious. According to the paper clip was filmed in the home of the soccer player in the days before the match.
The use of nitrous oxide leads to oxygen starvation in the brain, leading to lightheadedness.

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