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Bojinov: 'No comment on intrigue, I only think about the derby against Perugia.' 

Bojinov: 'No comment on intrigue, I only think about the derby against Perugia.'


Valeri Bojinov made an interesting comment on late-breaking information that he will be expelled from Ternana after the end of the season.
;I don't know who and where are you going after me, but I know that my contract with Ternana had until summer. How to run me out, like my contract already expired? It is normal to make intrigue, but I will tell you that at the moment I'm only thinking about the Derby with Perugia on Saturday. This is a great match for our team and hope to delight them with a win, but I still get the big rival for our club. I am grateful to the people in Terni, which hold great with me. Others are just empty talk and speculation, which do not excite me.'
Valeri Bojinov won status as a pet for fans of Ternana because tallied in the previous Derby with Perugia and helped the team to reach a 2:2 in the meeting.
Perugia occupies the fifth place and fighting for promotion to the top flight while Ternana is the twelfth of the 22 clubs in the League.

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