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Tiago: I hate it when they call me 'the Pep's favourite' 

Tiago: I hate it when they call me 'the Pep's favourite'


The playmaker of Bayern Munich, Thiago Alcantara expressed dissatisfaction by the attitude of the German media to it. The Brazilian with a Spanish passport stated that he is not to consider him for a favourite of coach Josep Guardiola.
Adolescents of Barcelona passed the 'Allianz Arena' in July 2013 and signed for four years with the club, who pay 25 million euros for him.
'Of course, that with Pep met and know what to expect from each other. But I hate when someone says I was his 'favourite'. This is simply not true. We have over 25 players and the coach chooses only the best.', said Bayern's midfielder Thiago Alcantara.
Tiago is adamant that the coach of Josep Guardiola has no special treatment to any one player to the Bavarians.

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