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Wenger: 'Walcott will play more than Giroux.' 

Wenger: 'Walcott will play more than Giroux.'


The manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, admitted that striker Olivier Giroux will need to spend more time on the bench at the expense of Theo Walcott.
French Taran was immutable holder on top of the attack of the Gunners in the last three seasons, but his poor form since the beginning of this forced Wenger to consider other options.
'When Giroux played, people ask me why Walcott was on the bench. When Walcott play, it's the opposite. They are both forwards from the highest class, so you will have to share time on the field.', explained Wenger.
Despite the recognition of Wenger for rotations in the attack, is expected to come out as Giroux holder in the derby with Tottenham to the League Cup.

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