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Laporta: 'Messi will never leave Barca but Neymar may do it.' 

Laporta: 'Messi will never leave Barca but Neymar may do it.'


Lionel Messi will never leave Barcelona, believes the club's former President Joan Laporta. According to him, the team's other star, Neymar will leave.
Neymar lately is associated with the transfer to the Premiership, and the reason is dissatisfaction from tax investigations against him, which lead in Spain.
'Messi will never leave Barca. He is a part of our logo and our heart.', said Laporta. 'I have received many suggestions for him while I was President. Of note was the inter who wanted to pay for his redemption clause, but I always refused.'
'Neymar is different. The economic situation of the club is not perfect, but the current President has to sell players or assets to balance the accounts. And the best solution is to sell a great player.'
'There is a talk of a deal with Man Utd. But all this is because of poor management of this guide.', added Laporta.

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