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Serbia's two games without a public official Italy won victory 

Serbia's two games without a public official Italy won victory


Italian Football Federation announced that Italy won the official 3:0 victory, while Serbia will have to play their next two households in evrokvalifikatsiite no audience because of disturbances created Serbian hooligans in Genoa.
A spokesman for UEFA said that these decisions have not yet been officially announced, although the Italian Federation have decided to communicate the results of today's four-hour meeting of the Disciplinary Commission of the European football body. Serbian national team but will play only your next household without audience, as punishment for the second meeting is provisionally. It will enter into force if the fans of our western neighbors recur in its worst light. Italy was also penalized one game without household, but in spite of the hosts of evrokvalifikatsiyata in Genoa was imposed and a fine of 100,000 euros.
The match of the European qualifications between Italy and Serbia was suspended in the sixth minute for nationalistic Serbian fans who created a riot in the stands. Police arrested 17 people after violence in Genoa, before, during and after termination of the meeting. Serbian hooligans attacked not only the Italian fans and police, but his own goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic. Buses do permanent removal Serbs out of town to avoid new confrontations with local supporters. The police seized sticks, metal knuckles, and knives of Serb hooligans and missiles. Serbian police did hold 35 football fans returning from Italy. After the game, President of the Serbian FA TomisAugust Karadzic said he would ask UEFA to replay the match, but the Director General of the Italian Football Federation Antonello Valentini rejected such an option.

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