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Real scored only two of 35 Ajax, Ibra debut with two goals for Milan 

Real scored only two of 35 Ajax, Ibra debut with two goals for Milan


Real Madrid squandered 33 points against Ajax, but still have a 2:0 over Ajax in a meeting of the Group G Champions League. "White Ballet" was launched more than convincing in the strongest European club competition, and you totally defeated the Amsterdam team, which in turn do not like yourself.
In the absence of penalties his star Luis Suarez, Ajax does not offer almost anything at the Santiago Bernabeu, especially against the backdrop of continuing attacks on the door of Martin Stekelenburg. Urbino Emanuelson still hit the beam over Iker Casillas and the Spanish keeper saved several other impact to their network.
In the rest of the time totally dominated the Real, and was the personification of the phrase "break to pass. One other players in Jose Mourinho - Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain, or shot past Stekelenburg or his hands of amazing items. The Portuguese coach just holding his head along the touch line, while still in the 30th minute to lead Real Madrid in the result. After a header from a corner on Xabi Alonso, the ball stopped first in the head, then the thigh of Higuain, and Dutch defender Anita enter the door.
Real came to the second goal after two beams in its favor, even in the 73rd minute. Then Mesut Jozias Stekelenburg shoot the ball ricochet into custody and came again to the German international, who has already decided on a second attempt to file a Higuain and he was wrong about 2:0, resulting in ending battle. In another clash in the group result was quite identical - 2:0 in favor of Milan against Auxerre. After a nightmarish debut for Milan against Cesena in Wicketintangible assets in Serie A, Zlatan Ibrahimovic it up and scored both goals against French rival to leave Milan hammer in the difficult group.
Zlatan scored twice in three minutes in the second half enough for success at the San Siro. In the 66th minute after a cross from the left, Kevin-Prince Boateng off the head of the Swedish ram, and a few meters technique sent the ball into the net. Boateng came on the pitch as a substitute in the 15th minute, in place of Massimo Ambrosini.
Three minutes later, break out Ibrahimovic Ronaldinho left in the penalty area and he fired a diagonal plonzha into a defender and goalkeeper Auxerre to 2:0.
Things may develop differently for Auxerre, the French team had situations in the first half, but after failing to recover them, gave Milan a chance to okopiti and cause your shot after the break.
After the first round in Group G leaders Real Madrid and AC Milan, Ajax and Auxerre and are without a point.

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