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Zizou: 'The finish is far away; I didn't see the penalty kick.' 

Zizou: 'The finish is far away; I didn't see the penalty kick.'


The head coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, said he is pleased with the 2:0 result from the visit to as Roma in the Champions League, in the first eighth-final match.
'We are pleased with and from the match, and the result. We knew it would be tough, but we fought until the end.', said Zizou.
This was the debut match for Zidane as a head coach in the Champions League, and the Frenchman as a player and made his debut in the tournament against Roma.
'See, we're a team. If we win something, we do it as a team.', he continued.
'We knew that we need to get it at any price. That's why this victory is very important. Away matches are always tough.', said Zidane. 'I congratulate my players.'
Asked if he saw the shootout for Roma, Zizou answers: 'Shootout for Roma? I didn't see any possible similar judgments. In the second half, we played better.'
'Nothing is over yet. The result is good, but there is also a rematch. At least this night, however, sleep happy.', added the French mentor. 'We're still far away from the finish line. We just think about the second leg.'
'We continue to believe that it is not impossible to win the title in Spain. I will take a break now and then prepare for the match with Malaga.', completed Zinedine Zidane.

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