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Simulations, speeches, boycotts:the transfer of Coutinho `from the kitchen` 

Simulations, speeches, boycotts:the transfer of Coutinho `from the kitchen`


In Twin Peaks styling, we can say:It happens again. Do not doubt that in the next few days you will be watching, listening to and reading the revealing masks;revelations about the true essence of Philippe Coutinho, which will make you think:Wow, I`m glad you left -;better without him! . In fact, it is true that the Brazilian is not that angel, in what light Liverpool probably more than any other club tried to show it at each new re-signing of his contract over the years. Coutinho is far more serious than the character of that always warm smiley child from Rio de Janeiro.
It seems significant that last summer the Fenway Sports Group published a rebuttal of the player`s upcoming transfer to Barcelona, ??now explaining why the transfer was eventually left to the manager of the red Jurgen Klop. And that`s where the key is in the German communiqué on the official website of the club on Saturday:Philippe was very insistent to me, the owners and even my teammates that he desperately wants this transfer. The key word is teammates.

Liverpool`s players were preparing to go to Melwood`s training on an August day when Kouttinho entered the dressing room with an expression of his face, saying that maybe he did not have to explain to the entire staff his intention to leave andhe did. Only he knows whether this decision has been taken from self-confidence or despair, but ultimately hurt him because it has helped to reinforce Liverpool`s position against his sale.
The club rejected each of Barcelona`s bids at the time. If this player had his own, others would know how to proceed if they decide to leave:cause a storm and your wishes are fulfilled. The FSF at that time had gone public with a statement that the footballer would not be released. Retiring from this position would give rise to protests against US owners, as Jamie Carragher pointed out. Not surprisingly, the credit of confidence in the FSG has been exhausted and forever.
As we unveiled in the Independent in September, Coutinhoo complained of back pain and when the scanner did not reveal any problem with him, the club decided it was a better option to introduce the version of the injury to the audience. So an attempt was made to curb the huge focus on Brazilian behavior, endangering the calm of the team at the start of the season.

Kouttinho, however, had already embarrassed Clop, who puts the harmony and trust between everyone in the club above the talent and status of each individual unit. Football clubs offer work environments like any other business, and when a member of the team at high loud expresses the wish that they are no longer part of it and skidding, this mood is spreading very quickly and productivity is declining. Other people in the team -;the rebel`s friends may also be shaken.
In a narrow circle, then Clap was not against the sale of the star and the continuation of the purge forward. He is not afraid of this process, since in Borussia (Dortmund)

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