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What is the commonality between MLB and CIA?  The atomic bomb.  .  . 

What is the commonality between MLB and CIA? The atomic bomb. . .


In 1944, Werner Heisenberg delivered his lecture in Zurich without suspecting that an American spy was in the audience with an order to kill him if he presented evidence of progress in the development of an atomic bomb. To his luck, Heisenberg spoke of harmless things like matrix of distraction in quantum mechanics. The famous German theorist, who discovered the uncertainty ratio, focuses on the essence of conceptual perceptions rather than on the possibilities they are used for weapons. At least in your lecture. It is mysterious that the spy who listens very carefully to Heisenberg`s speech, ready to shoot him when he mentions the bomb, is actually the former MLB coach and coach Moris `Mo` Berg. The big question is how a professional baseball player finds himself in Switzerland, serving the Allies in assessing Germany`s nuclear program. . . Forbes says that Berg`s journey to this fateful event begins 10 years earlier during a demonstration match in Tokyo. While his teammates in the visiting US star, including baseball players such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gerig, enjoy the day`s attractions and the nightlife of the Japanese capital, Berg agrees with the hosts (personally, in Japanese) to be allowed to considerthe tallest building in the city. He gets up on the roof, takes a movie camera, and shoots a panoramic view of the Tokyo shipyards. According to some unconfirmed data, these cadres later turned out to be important military information that allowed the allies to choose bombs.

Mo Berg (right) travels with Lefty O `Dul from the New York Cants (on the left);the only foreign language that Berg spoke well. His polyglot abilities were extremely unusual, especially for a player in the Premier League Baseball -;at that time he was a catsman of the Washington Senators, and later became a coach in Boston Red Sox. Graduate of Princeton University, graduated with distinction, Berg finds that he is learning new languages ??with ease. On the other hand, he`s never been such a good baseball player, though he`s in that stellar selection. Later one of his former teammates says Mo can speak 12 languages ??but can not hit a curved ball. Berg himself knows he will never even come close to the skills of his friend Baby Ruth, but at least he has something else to boast about. Or to keep silent. Berg was never enlightened in science, but he had an inexplicable ability to pretend that he is. Therefore, in combination with perfect German (and many other European languages), he could appear at each seminar andlooks quite right. His talent to merge with the environment would prove to be essential for his spy career during the war. In January 1939, Niels Bohr revealed to the physicists` community the discovery of nuclear fission, made the previous month at a laboratory in Berlin by German researchers Otto Khan and Fritz Strassman. Austrian theoretical physicist Lise Maitner, ex?

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