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Which of the big players will fail on the Australian Open? 

Which of the big players will fail on the Australian Open?


Australian Open knocks on the door and many experts and analysts from all over the world are busy making predictions and preliminary comments on the draw. One of the most exciting questions is who of the big players will fail in Australia - whether due to poor shape, poor physical condition or inadequate experience on the big stage

Tennis magazine has selected his proposals for failures in Melbourne by takingtake into account the top 10 players in the world rankings.

Alexander Zverev

The 20-year-old German is in a very heavy quarter of the draw because he has figures like Dominique Team, Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic, and can actually play in a third round with his brother Mishais a quarter-finalist of last season. And it should be noted that he never played in the second week of a Grand Slam tournament.

Stan Wawrinka

This will be the rusting player because he arrived in Melbourne without a 1-round practice from Wimbledon last season and then underwent two knee operations. Arriving for the Australian Open demonstration tournaments, the Swiss had a problem in the shoulder and refused to play before the start of the first Grand Slam event. Jack Sock

Juice is eighth, but he will hardly benefit from this because he has been experiencing problems on the court since the beginning of the year, not only in terms of physical training. It will be hard to get hurt in the second week, never having played the 1/4-final of the Grand Slam.

Dominique Team

The Austrians lost to Djokovic in Kyong, before declining to participate in the first week of the new year because of a virus, and after defeat by Nole again complained of illness and did not play anymore. If it does not play well on fast courts, there will hardly be any arguments for ranking after 4 rounds.

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