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Mourinho has remarks about VAR 

Mourinho has remarks about VAR


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho commented on the situation with Juan Matta`s retirement goal in the Huddersfield match (2:0) for the FA Cup. This happened after the VAR system (b. Video assistant referee). The Portuguese has some remarks about the situation.

We have VAR in Portugal and I am well acquainted with it. The feeling is great when the truth is established. However, there are some problems, and so was the case today. If the protocol is strictly followed, the system should be used to correct obvious judging errors. In this case, however, it can not be said that there was a clear error. We know he is still experimenting and we have to accept what has happened. What`s more, it`s easy now that we beat 2:0. If the protocol is strictly followed and obvious mistakes are corrected, everyone will be happy, says Mourinho. The specialist also revealed that he deliberately did not tell his players what exactly happened in this situation so as not to distract them. You need to be able to cope with disappointment when the solution is not in your favor. I had to repeat 20 times that my analyst was silent so that the players did not understand what was going on. I did not want them to know that they were not ambushed and disappointed. The analyst was sitting on the computer and I told him to be silent and look ahead, the Portuguese added.

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